UNA Provincial Negotiations Update #8

Important update from United Nurses of Alberta's Negotiations Committee. Please share with UNA members.

Update #8

May 31, 2024
• The Negotiating Committee completed 5 days of talks with AHS (May 23, 24, 28 29 and 30) regarding the transfer of Employees to Recovery Alberta (RA).

• We are pleased to announce a new Letter of Understanding has been achieved which protects the rights of Employees impacted by the creation of Recovery Alberta.

• Highlights:
- The Letter of Understanding applies to Recovery Alberta and to future transfers arising from Bill 22, Health Statutes Amendment Act.
- Directly affected Employees will have the option to transfer to the Recovery Alberta or to remain in AHS, with full rights to displace or fill a vacant position under Article 15 Layoff and Recall.
- Indirectly affected Employees will have the ability to select a vacant position in Recovery Alberta in addition to Article 15 rights.
- Although there will be 2 separate Employers, until April 7, 2025 Recovery Alberta and AHS Employees will be treated as a single bargaining unit.
- After April 7, 2025 although Recovery Alberta Employees  will no longer be internal candidates within AHS, but they will be considered ahead of external candidates.
- The Letter of understanding addresses Employees who are on Leaves of absence, WCB, and disability when Recovery Alberta is formally created, which is expected to be around July 1, 2024. 

• The Negotiating Committee will prepare a Frequently Asked Questions document about the new Letter of Understanding.

• Negotiations for the Provincial Collective Agreement resume June 5 and 6, 2024.

The Negotiating Committee reminds all members that wearing a RESPECT pin or a red ribbon is a sign of support for our efforts to achieve a collective agreement Alberta nurses can be proud of. Pins are available from your Local Executive or by contacting UNA's Provincial Office.

Heather Smith
United Nurses of Alberta