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UNA Education

Any UNA member who would like to become more knowledgeable and engaged can get a head start through UNA’s educational offerings, which provide members with a wealth of information, a space for discussion, and activity-based learning. Please contact with any questions.

For All UNA Members

Dealing with Abuse (currently on hold)

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. This workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the various types of workplace abuse and that abuse in any form is unacceptable. It will also encourage participants to take appropriate action if they are the targets of abuse, to provide support to co-workers who have been abused, and to provide participants with the tools to advocate for the prevention of workplace abuse.

Know Your Rights

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, UNA members will learn about the structure and role of their union, how to identify types of workplace concerns, and what problem-solving processes are available. Through a combination of discussions and activities, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to address issues at work.


This is an unfunded, partial-day workshop. This workshop provides basic information on types of stress and anxiety, their effects on nurses, and how to develop some basic self-care strategies. It is grounded in evidence-based practices and utilizes discussion and activities, so be ready to explore personal well-being.

For Unit/Office Representatives

Engagement & Support

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, Unit/Office Representatives and Local Executive members will come together to develop their practices in membership outreach, engagement, and support. Participants will identify ways to overcome barriers to participation and to engage members in their local while gaining a better understanding of the relationship between different local positions.

Taking Action

This is an unfunded workshop consisting of two half-days. In the first session (parts 1/2), participants will learn about the first steps in building a strong foundation for collective action and will explore how to have issue-based conversations. In the second session (parts 3/4), participants will discuss strategies for member engagement in collective actions and examine types of actions/pressures, escalating actions, and the components of a successful action. 

Unit/Office Representative Orientation

This is an unfunded, partial-day workshop for all Unit/Office Representatives or members considering becoming a Unit/Office Representative. Participants will learn about the role of the Unit/Office Rep, communication within UNA, and available resources.

For Committee Members

The Local President is ex officio on all committees. These workshops are provincially funded for members belonging to that specific committee.

PRC Workshop (currently on hold)

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, PRC Committee members and Local Executives will learn about each step of the PRC process, including the recommended best practices at each step, the role of PRC Committee, why the PRC process is important, and what compels nurses to speak up for patient safety. Participants will develop the knowledge and skills to  support members who report Professional Responsibility Concerns (PRCs), and to engage confidently with management representatives.

OH&S Basic (currently on hold)

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. This workshop provides Occupational Health and Safety Committee members a basic understanding of how to interpret the Occupational Health and Safety Article in their Collective Agreement and helps them to become familiar with Hazard Assessment forms and Site Inspection Forms. Participants will also discuss and evaluate the OH&S culture of their workplace.

OH&S Advanced (currently on hold)

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, participants will expand on what they learned in the Basic workshop. Participants will become familiar with the OH&S Act, Regulations, and Code through discussions and activities. Participants will leave with the knowledge to know where to look in the legislation to address concerns. We will also discuss the right to refuse dangerous work and how this legislation affects not only members but also the responsibilities of management.

For Local Executives

Local Executives are also encouraged to attend the "Engagement & Support," "Taking Action," "Dealing With Abuse," and "Self-Care" workshops. They are provincially funded for the "Dealing With Abuse" and "Engagement & Support" workshops.

How to Run a Local - Administration

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, Local Executives will learn the key components of a functioning Local, including strategic planning, meeting best-practices, and executive roles and responsibilities. This hybrid workshop will consist of an in-class portion (via Zoom) and self-directed modules. Please ensure you have a UNANet account and can access your Local’s information on DMS through the "Local Admin" menu item.

How to Run a Local - Finance

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, Local Executives (not just the Treasurer!) will learn about the main tasks in managing Local finances including budgeting, making payments, and reviewing financial statements. This hybrid workshop will consist of an in-class portion (via Zoom) and self-directed modules. Please ensure you have a UNANet account and can access your Local’s financial information on DMS through the "Local Admin" menu item.

How to Run a Local - Labour Relations

This is a full-day provincially funded workshop. In this workshop, Local Executives will develop a deeper understanding of investigation meetings as well as the dispute resolution and Duty to Accommodate processes. This hybrid workshop will consist of an in-class portion (via Zoom) and self-directed modules. Please ensure you have access to your collective agreement via the UNA app, UNA website, or in a paper copy.


You must be a UNA member to attend UNA provincial workshops. Once you have a valid UNA membership card, activate your UNANet account through the UNANet button on the website or via the UNA mobile app. The Events tab in UNA’s Data Management System (DMS - part of UNANet) provides a way for members to register for workshops. Members are expected to register in workshops closest to their residence (not applicable for online education). Please check the Events Calendar and DMS Events regularly as the workshop schedule may have changes or additions.

Any Local Executive member can register members of their Local in workshops by navigating to Local Admin -> Events in DMS.

Workshop Funding

For eligible members attending provincially funded workshops: Provincial funding includes salary replacement and meals. Mileage and accommodation will be provided as required for out-of-town participants travelling in for in-person workshops. Direct billing for hotel rooms for UNA workshops is not available. The member will be responsible for paying for their room and will then be reimbursed as per UNA policy. For more information on accessing funding (through Union Leave and Expense Claims), click here.

What You Need

Please have your charged smartphone or tablet available and download the United Nurses of Alberta mobile app, if possible. For online workshops, ensure you have a strong internet connection and the ability to access Zoom. Any other necessary materials will be provided.

Mini Workshops

On a by-request basis, UNA may also provide mini-workshops on other topics. Local Executive members may request these mini-workshops by emailing UNA’s Manager of Labour Relations in the Provincial Office, Lee Coughlan.

If you have any questions, please contact

Members of United Nurses of Alberta learn about their rights as a union members in a day-long workshop at UNA's Provincial Office in Edmonton. The Know Your Rights Workshop offers new members a chance to learn about their union and their rights in the workplace...[more]