Agreements / Joint Statements

Through a joint committee of representatives from the United Nurses of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, joint statements are issued to resolve issues arising from the UNA Collective Agreement.

Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee (DRAC) Process231.30 KB
Updated 2023
Virtual Care207.24 KB
Guide to LOU #25 Re: Trial of Modified Posting Provisions439.85 KB
Pilot Project - Administration Guidelines 20224.23 MB
Joint Statement: COVID-19 and Personal Protective Equipment (December 22, 2021)232.79 KB
Updated Dec. 2021
Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee Flow Chart147.92 KB
Roles of Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee58.61 KB
Duty to Accommodate and the Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee55.60 KB
Dispute Resolution Meeting Preamble52.33 KB
Conducting a Resolution Meeting69.90 KB
Disclosure of information62.89 KB
AHS/UNA Joint Dispute Resolution Process245.05 KB
Dispute Resolution Process: Initial Problem-Solving60.12 KB
Dispute Resolution Process: The 3 "Ps" and the Dispute Resolution Process60.56 KB
Sharing an employee’s medical information beyond the Ability Management department129.78 KB
Implementation of Arbitration Decision Regarding Changing the Length of the Shift Cycle284.78 KB
Scheduling for Part-time Employees296.79 KB
Cancer Care Hours of Work - Local Conditions VII314.53 KB
Professional Development Days339.38 KB
Lump Sum Payment - LOU 11206.27 KB
Time Used Under Articles 22.06(b), 22.08, and 35.03225.20 KB
Vacation Planning Guidelines276.07 KB
Joint Workforce Regularization Process (Local Committee)195.75 KB
Updated Weekly Staffing Levels Monitoring Worksheet
Minimum Payment for Meetings and In-Service on Unscheduled Days Arbitration Award95.71 KB
Retroactive Payment of Overtime and Call Back Worked on a Named Holiday180.85 KB
Respirators - N95 Respirator Provision and Fit-Testing82.26 KB
Payout of Named Holiday Banks Upon Employee Transfer to Part-time or Casual157.85 KB
Vacation Payout and Carry-over138.22 KB
Named Holiday Banks/Vacation Banks Payout43.91 KB
Extension of "Named Holiday Banks Payout Upon Employee Transfer to Part-time or Casual Status" Trial Process and Addition of "Vacation Banks Payout Upon Employee Transfer to Part-time or Casual Status" Trial Period.
Closing Dates on Unfilled Job Postings104.95 KB
Diabetic Supplies Benefit Coverage307.36 KB
Joint Staffing Task Force83.83 KB
Retirement Preparation Program151.42 KB
Seniority Tie Breaking89.64 KB
Union Leaves of Absence112.25 KB
Lump Sum Payments List138.09 KB
Lump Sum Payments - Resolution of Issues re: Pension and Group RRSP87.91 KB
Weekend Worker FAQ177.11 KB
Dental Implant Claim Denial Appeal Form330.49 KB
Cancelling Casual Shifts188.46 KB
Pre-Retirement FTE Reduction Retention Program97.96 KB
Retention - LSPA228.21 KB
Hours - Multi-Position Employees336.71 KB
Leaves of Absence and LAPP2.07 MB
Seniority Interpretation & Administration107.11 KB
Transportation236.28 KB
Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)252.35 KB
Reimbursement of Professional Fees356.22 KB