UNA Provincial Negotiations Update #1


February 7, 2024

• Exchanged ingoing proposals with Employers (AHS, Covenant, Lamont and Bethany Camrose) February 6, 2024. 

• The Employer proposal package was non-monetary only however they indicated they will table monetary proposals next week.

Employers indicated their priorities are:

  • Stabilization of Employer workplaces
    • enabling the expedient recruitment of net new Employees
    • ensuring there is the ability to recruit skilled and experienced RNs/RPNs to areas where there are gaps
    • examining and addressing voluntary internal movement of current Employees
  • Increasing the proportion of Full Time and higher FTE employment.
  • Options for vacation planning that encourage Regular Employees to maintain their employment status
  • Employer concerns related to relief Shifts.  This includes:
    • challenges in covering short notice changes in staffing;
    • the need for improved reliability amongst Employees who have accepted shifts; and
    • payment for additional shifts worked by Part Time Employees on unscheduled days.
  • An alternate classification appeals process that ensures such issues are resolved expediently
  • Options for streamlining or automating various payroll processes

• UNA and Employer ingoing documents are available in UNA Negs 2024 Forum or at www.una.ca.

• Next bargaining dates are February 14 and 15, 2024.