AHS agrees to five bargaining days in May to negotiate Employee transfers to Recovery Alberta

Important update from United Nurses of Alberta's Negotiations Committee. Please share with UNA members.


May, 9, 2024

• Scheduled bargaining with Employers May 6, 7 and 8, 2024.
• Labour Relations Board Resolution Conference held May 7th regarding UNA's complaint related to Recovery Alberta. No resolution achieved and the complaint will now proceed to a formal hearing at a future date.
• AHS has agreed to an additional 5 days of meetings before the end of May to negotiate the transfer of Employees to Recovery Alberta.
• Much discussion about "stabilization". While the Employers and UNA agree Alberta has a nursing shortage and stabilization of the workforce is essential we disagree on the necessary prescription.
• Discussion also regarding use of Agency Nurses, Duty to Accommodate, Article 27: Recognition of Previous Experience and Article 34: Occupational Health and Safety. The Employers have agreed to change Basic Rate of Pay to Applicable Rate of Pay in Article 34.02.
• Next bargaining dates with all Employers are June 5 and 6, 2024.

The Negotiating Committee appreciates all events undertaken by Locals to recognize Nurses Week 2024!

Happy Nurses Week to all UNA members!

Heather Smith
United Nurses of Alberta