Don’t wait until February to vaccinate staff working in COVID-19 units

United Nurses of Alberta supports the call by more than 200 physicians to prioritize the vaccination of all health care workers caring for patients in dedicated COVID-19 units. 

Health care workers in COVID-19 units are eligible for vaccinations during Phase 1B of the province’s vaccination schedule, slated to begin in February 2021. All personnel employed in the specialized units — including nurses, physicians, medical internists, clerks, aides, physical therapists and cleaning staff — face the same risk and should be next in line for inoculation.

According to numbers released by the Alberta government, a large number of COVID-19 patients are being cared for outside of intensive care units. The majority of these patients are being cared for on dedicated COVID-19 units.

UNA agrees that all health care professionals and staff working in COVID units be given priority for COVID-19 vaccination much like staff in ICU and Emergency Departments.