UNA encourages Nurse Practitioners to protect themselves with CNPS Supplementary Protection

United Nurses of Alberta strongly encourages all Nurse Practitioners employed by Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health to consider purchasing Supplementary Protection along with their already mandatory Core Services and Professional Liability Protection coverage from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS).

Supplementary Coverage can be purchased from CNPS for approximately $130 annually.

Although not required by law, most health care unions in Alberta also provide representation at professional bodies. UNA has learned that the union representing NPs is not offering this service to their members. The cost of privately retaining a lawyer experienced in health law generally ranges between $350 and $600 per hour, which can amount to several tens of thousands of dollars if a complaint is referred to discipline.

UNA has attempted to reach out to the Alberta Union of Nurse Practitioners to offer assistance or training in this area, or even clarification of AUNP's position, but our emails have gone unanswered.