Education workshops for UNA members in December 2021

United Nurses of Alberta is pleased to offer a number of education workshops for members to participate in during December 2021. Any UNA member who would like to become more knowledgeable and engaged can get a head start through the union’s educational workshops, which provide members with a wealth of information, a space for discussion, and activity-based learning.

Workshops for UNA members

Know Your Rights

In this workshop, UNA members will learn about the structure and role of their union, how to identify types of workplace concerns, and what problem-solving processes are available. Through a combination of discussions and activities, participants will gain knowledge and confidence to address issues at work. This is a full-day (0900-1630) online hybrid workshop designed for UNA members. A portion of the day will be on Zoom and a portion will be self-directed. Participants are provincially funded if they are general members (not Local Executive) and have not attended Know Your Rights previously.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 14
  • Thursday, Dec. 16

Self Care

This workshops is for all UNA members, including Local Executives and will provide basic information on types of stress/anxiety, its effects on nurses, and how to develop some basic self care strategies. It is grounded in evidenced based practices and utilizes experiential learning activities, so be ready to explore personal well being. This workshop is not provincially funded.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1300-1600

Workshops for Local Executive & Executive Board Members:

How to Run a Local: Labour Relations

In this workshop, Local Executives will develop an understanding of investigation meetings as well as the dispute resolution and Duty to Accommodate processes. This workshop is a full-day (0900-1630) hybrid workshop, where a portion of the workshop will be via Zoom and a portion will be self-directed. This workshop is provincially funded for Local Executives who have not previously attended it. 

  • Tuesday, Dec. 7
  • Thursday, Dec. 9

Working with Members in Distress

This workshop is for Local Executives and District Reps only. The goal of this workshop is to provide UNA Leaders with an understanding of how to work with members who are in distress.  The workshop will look at mental health literacy, understanding roles in working with members who are in distress, locating resources, and acquiring knowledge and skills regarding self care.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1300-1600

Register online

You must be a UNA member to attend UNA provincial workshops. Once you have a valid UNA membership card, activate your UNAnet account through theUNAnet button on the website or via the UNA mobile app. The Events tab in UNA’s Data Management System (DMS - part ofUNAnet) provides a way for members to register for workshops. Members are expected to register in workshops closest to their residence for in-person events (not applicable for online education). Please check the Events Calendar and DMS Events regularly as the workshop schedule may have changes or additions.

Any Local Executive member can register members of their Local in workshops by navigating to Local Admin -> Events in DMS.

Please contact with any questions related to the workshops.