UNA continues to work with employers on COVID-19 preparedness

United Nurses of Alberta continues to support the Canadian Federation of Nurses Union position statement, which recommends an N95 mask as the minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for nurses who are in contact with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

UNA encourages our members to use and ask for this protection.

If N95 is not available or you are denied by your Employer from using a N95 mask, you are encouraged to assess your own risk and determine whether you want to exercise your right to refuse dangerous work. We will support any member who chooses to exercise this right.

UNA members should review the Government of Alberta resources related to employee obligations when exercising the right to refuse dangerous work.

We strongly encourage you to fill out and report Occupational Health and Safety concerns for employee safety concerns and Professional Responsibility Concerns (PRC) for patient safety concerns related to COVID-19.

We continue to have regular discussions with AHS regarding COVID-19 and we have reached out to the other health care employers as well.

CFNU has arranged a meeting/teleconference with the Public Health Agency of Canada on Friday. UNA representatives, including President Heather Smith, will participate in the call and we plan to release a more detailed statement to our members following that meeting.

UNA is committed to ensuring the best outcome for our members and for our patients and will continue to advocate for steps that increase the levels of safe patient care.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to UNA’s Occupational Health & Safety staff if you have any questions or concerns related to COVID-19: 1‑800‑252‑9394.