Bargaining Committee reports on latest negotiations

The United Nurses of Alberta Negotiations Committee met with Employer representatives on September 26 & 27 to discuss non-monetary items related to the Multi-Employer Provincial Collective Agreement.

UNA tabled a new proposal intended to address the recently announced possible changes to Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). Employers made minor amendments to their proposals in Articles 15 (Layoff and Recall) but massive regressions remain.

There was agreement on minor changes to Article 2 (Definitions) and Article 12 (Seniority).

The next bargaining dates are set for October 22, 23 and 24. Future dates include November 6 & 7, November 26 & 27, December 5 & 6.


The current Collective Agreement, including the Lump Sum payment, remains in effect.

Workforce & Scheduling Transformation/Optimization

Early next week, UNA’s Negotiating Committee will provide information from AHS regarding the initial impacts of Scheduling Transformation/Optimization and Workforce Model Transformation (including reductions in RN/RPN positions, reductions in total FTEs). A YouTube video will be available to explain the printed information. Watch for details.

Update (October 2, 2013)

In our last update it was indicated that we would be providing further important information this week.

We did receive some information from AHS (and Covenant) about plans that were likely to take effect - or would be likely to take effect if the employer's proposal formed the basis of the next collective agreement.

Our plan was to share this information so that members were aware of exactly what the implications of the employer proposals are. But there is a difference of opinion between UNA and AHS as to if the information is "off the record."

The parties have agreed to return to a resolution conference with the Alberta Labour Relations Board to sort this matter out.

Once we have clarity on this, we will provide a further update.

David Harrigan
Director of Labour Relations
United Nurses of Alberta