Canada Pension Plan keeps Albertans’ retirement security strong

Recognizing the importance of Its members retirement security, United Nurses of Alberta Labour Relations Officers will be presenting education sessions about the Canada Pension Plan at upcoming District meetings in March 2024.

We hope that UNA members can use these sessions and the information provided in the links below to further educate themselves and their co-workers about the importance of Alberta workers remaining in a strong and stable national pension plan like the CPP. 

The flaws and uncertainties of the Alberta government’s proposal to withdraw from the CPP and create an Alberta Pension Plan are well understood. With this policy, the government is threatening the retirement security of our members, and our members expect us to respond to that threat.

UNA believes strongly that it owes it to all current members, and all retired members including those who now live in other provinces, to fight hard to protect their retirement security, which is best ensured by participation in the CPP.

Download our pension security poster to share these resources with others.

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