Respect, Retain, Recruit

A pressing reality confronts us: four in 10 nurses contemplate leaving their profession due to the weight of the current staff shortage. Escalating workloads and a scarcity of staff have become the catalyst propelling nurses towards an exit.

United Nurses of Alberta has launched its 3Rs campaign – Respect, Retain, Recruit – aiming to shed light on the critical health care and nursing challenges within the province. This isn’t just about awareness; it’s a call for immediate, tangible solutions.

Harnessing the dynamic power of digital media, the campaign consists of an array of compelling transit and airport ads, a monthly email newsletter called The Pulse, enlightening videos, and social media posts. These tools serve as a conduit to inform and ignite a shared desire for change.

The campaign commenced on September 5. Albertans are encouraged to stand alongside Alberta’s nurses by proudly displaying a 3Rs lawn sign on your property or window.

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