Pink Shirt Day will be marked on February 22

On February 22, many UNA members will mark Pink Shirt Day to stop bullying in schools, workplaces and residences.

While Pink Shirt Day began as a reaction to bullying of children in school, over the years it has grown to be an effort to raise awareness that seniors and other adults can also face bullying in their homes and workplaces.

UNA encourages everyone who can to wear pink on February 22, to promote kindness and opposition to bullying.

When we wear pink, we’re demonstrating that our community and our nursing profession strives to accept everyone as they are, and that every one of us deserves to live our lives without being bullied.

Pink Shirt Day originated in 2007, when two high school students from Nova Scotia learned that a Grade 9 student had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Shortly after, both students distributed pink shirts to their fellow students in solidarity. This act of kindness sparked what is now known as Pink Shirt Day—an international anti-bullying movement.

We can all help Canadians live healthier and happier lives by providing education, support and resources to end bullying.