Letter of Understanding #25 implemented, aims to speed up filling of vacant nursing positions

United Nurses of Alberta members should be aware that Letter of Understanding #25 Re: Trial of Modified Posting Provisions has been implemented across the province. The LOU attached to the Provincial Collective Agreement was created to address inefficiencies and expedite the filling of vacant nursing positions.

This process aims to speed up the filling of vacancies by offering the positions to qualified Regular Employees who already hold a position of the same classification in the unit, program, or office where the vacancy exists. 

Eligible employees will not have to compete for positions or go through interviews, even if the vacancy has a different Full-Time Equivalent. The vacant position will be awarded to the most senior employee on the unit who applies for the vacant position.

If no Regular Employees already holding a position of the same classification in the unit, program, or office apply, the vacant position will be posted in accordance with Article 14.01 of the collective agreement.

LOU #25 took effect on December 5, 2022 at Alberta Health Services worksites and on December 12, 2022 for Covenant Health sites.

UNA has worked with the employers to create a guide to LOU #25, which outlines the process and answers many commonly asked questions that UNA members may have.

Members with any questions or concerns should contact their UNA Local or Labour Relations Officer at 1-800-252-9394.