UNA invites NPAAU to joint-meeting for Nurse Practitioners

March 9, 2021 - United Nurses of Alberta has asked for a meeting of all Nurse Practitioners with both the Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta Union and UNA present to answer their questions.

UNA believes it would be worthwhile and in the best interests of all Nurse Practitioners to hold a meeting where both organizations are present and able to answer questions from Nurse Practitioners. It would likely be best to have a neutral moderator/facilitator and, of course, each organization would be free to select whichever representatives they wished to be present and speak and answer questions.

UNA are concerned that there are some misunderstandings and misinformation and we very much want all Nurse Practitioners to be able to make informed decisions.

UNA hopes that NPAAU will agree and a meeting can be set up as soon as reasonably practical.

In the event that NPAAU does not wish be involved in a neutral meeting, we extend an invitation to NPAAU and any of their representatives to attend a future discussion with Nurse Practitioners hosted by UNA and ask or answer any questions that Nurse Practitioners in attendance may have. 

UNA has made this request in the interest of having all Nurse Practitioners being able to make informed decisions.